Work-Readiness Professional Skills

New York City’s Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) has adopted a set of professional skills as those to be developed and demonstrated by the youth and young adults they serve. Demonstrating these skills, combined with meeting the necessary academic and occupational skill requirements for a particular job or position, indicates that the young person is ready for a successful transition to work.

The Work-Readiness Professional Skills should be taken into consideration in the design of all Career Development activities in the Summer Youth Employment Program, including the delivery of training or instruction in the classroom or in workshops, through one-on-one support and/or community-based activities. In particular, they serve as the foundation for an assessment by a worksite supervisor of youth or young adult performance in an authentic Career Preparation Work-Based Learning activity, such as a Work Experience or an Internship.

The following section lists each of the professional skills with the performance expectations to be developed and demonstrated through Work-Based Learning experiences.

Personal Traits

Integrity/Ethics Demonstrates honesty. Is trustworthy and ethical in their work. Makes responsible decisions and avoids risky behaviors. Dependability Is punctual and reliable, avoids absenteeism, meets deadlines. Is self-directed, productive and takes ownership in the quality and accuracy of work. Persistence/Maturity Demonstrates the willingness and ability to work. Completes tasks as assigned. Knows how to learn. Responsiveness Responds well to supervision and direction. Accepts and applies constructive criticism. Recognizes and reflects workplace norms and culture. Dresses appropriately and avoids the personal use of technology during work hours.

Group Experience

Negotiation Resolves conflicts. Proposes solutions. Teamwork Interacts effectively with others. Actively listens and takes initiative. Demonstrates leadership when appropriate. Is respectful of the opinions and contributions of others. Diversity Is comfortable with people of diverse backgrounds. Avoids the use of language or comments that stereotype others. Communication Communicates effectively in English, both verbally and in writing. Is an active listener and able to share ideas.

Problem Solving

Applied Knowledge Selects and applies appropriate technologies to complete tasks. Reads with understanding and uses math to analyze and solve problems. Accesses information. Applies occupational and technical knowledge to tasks. Flexibility Willing to try new tasks. Adapts to a range of circumstances and is comfortable with change. Preparation and Planning Prepares and plans effectively. Is detail oriented. Manages time and resources to complete tasks. Continuous Improvement Thinks critically. Understands strengths and weaknesses and knows when to ask questions. Reflects upon tasks, analyzes processes and suggests improvements. Provides and receives productive feedback

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